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The Art of Apology Flowers

Everyone makes mistakes. However, when your mistakes hurt your loved ones or inconvenienced someone, you may want to make it up to them. Saying sorry can be a difficult yet necessary task. Gifting flowers can be a great way to convey your apologies, especially if your forte is writing as opposed to speaking. White Tulips Tulips signifies new beginnings and the season of Spring. White is associated with purity. Hence, white tulips are the perfect apology flowers for gifting. Plus, white tulips are elegant and subtle. It wouldn’t rouse the attention of prying colleagues if you are planning to send them to the office of the person concerned. Lilies Lilies represents humility and devotion. It is also known for its...

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Buying Flowers for Her

You want to do something to surprise your girlfriend. You decided that its time to buy flowers for the special lady in your life. However, you are stumped by the myriad of choices of flowers and arrangements available in the market. And most importantly, when to buy her the flowers? So, when should you buy her the flowers? Be it Valentine’s day, anniversaries or birthdays, nothing makes a girl’s day more than an unsolicited gesture of love. Be it on a Tuesday or a Thursday, the more random the timing the better. Flowers given for no reason other than “these are beautiful, and they remind me of you”, are a lot more special than those scheduled into the calendar. Which...

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How to Make Flowers Last Longer

Upon receiving your bouquet of fresh flowers, you can help these beautiful flowers last longer with proper care. Whimsical Emporium uses the freshest flowers available to fill your bouquet. To increase the lifespan of these flowers in our local heat and humidity, we have some tips for you! Recut Stems and Remove Foliage Remove the bouquet wrapping from your flowers and cut the stem at an angle before placing them into your vase. Use a scissor or sharp knife to avoid squashing the stem, and destroying its vascular system, thus preventing water absorption. The angled cut increases the surface area for hydration and prevents the bottom of the stem from sitting directly on the vase, thus blocking water flow. Remove...

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