Buying Flowers for Her

Caramel roses, Singapore Florist

You want to do something to surprise your girlfriend. You decided that its time to buy flowers for the special lady in your life. However, you are stumped by the myriad of choices of flowers and arrangements available in the market. And most importantly, when to buy her the flowers?

So, when should you buy her the flowers? Be it Valentine’s day, anniversaries or birthdays, nothing makes a girl’s day more than an unsolicited gesture of love. Be it on a Tuesday or a Thursday, the more random the timing the better. Flowers given for no reason other than “these are beautiful, and they remind me of you”, are a lot more special than those scheduled into the calendar.
Which flower bouquet to choose from?
Consider her personality and style, what colours does she like? Is she a romantic that loves classic red roses, or does she like elegant arrangements? Perhaps she is girly and love pastel themed bouquets. If you really do not know, and don’t want to give away the surprise, roses are a safe bet. Roses are symbolic of love and romance. Roses come in various colour, and has different meanings. Red roses symbolises love, pink roses means grace and elegance while purple roses are associated with love at first sight and enchantment. 
There are other flowers other than roses that you can gift your special one. Sometimes a dash of yellow can do wonders! Daisies and sunflowers can brighten up her day. Look at those cute little daisies, they smell good too!
Lilies are also another great flower that should be considered. They have a longer lifespan as compared to other flowers. Especially in Singapore where flowers have a shorter lifespan due to our local heat and humidity. A plus point is that blooming lilies smell divine. With some care, the buds on the lilies would continue to bloom.  
Flowers are a wonderful way to make your special lady feel special. Flowers may be ephemeral but the moment of joy from receiving the flowers would be remembered forever.