The Art of Apology Flowers

The Art of Apology Flowers

Everyone makes mistakes. However, when your mistakes hurt your loved ones or inconvenienced someone, you may want to make it up to them. Saying sorry can be a difficult yet necessary task. Gifting flowers can be a great way to convey your apologies, especially if your forte is writing as opposed to speaking.

White Tulips

Tulips signifies new beginnings and the season of Spring. White is associated with purity. Hence, white tulips are the perfect apology flowers for gifting. Plus, white tulips are elegant and subtle. It wouldn’t rouse the attention of prying colleagues if you are planning to send them to the office of the person concerned.


Lilies represents humility and devotion. It is also known for its majestic beauty in Greek tradition. As a floral gift, Lilies are suitable for both genders and all ages. However, do make sure that the recipient is not allergic to pollen or sensitive to the fragrance of flowers as some may find its scent overpowering.


Red roses are the universal way to express affection and love. It is one of the best ways to extend apologies for your loved one. Red roses are however mainly for lovers. For friends, yellow roses are well suited to fix a disagreement. Friendships are beautiful so a sincere gift would patch things up!


Orchids represents sincerity and care. They are long lasting and exotic in nature, the perfect gift for those who love elegance as well.


The gift may be important, but the meaning behind the gift is paramount. Be sincere. An apology message does not have to be fanciful to be effective. Sometimes, conveying a true expression of regret is more compelling. You may or may not earn forgiveness. But, by taking the first step to fix the relationship and open the doors to communication, you stand a better chance than not trying at all.

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