Dried & Preserved Flower Care

Dried & Preserved Flower Care

Preserved Flowers Bouquets, Singapore Florist

So you have received a bouquet of preserved flowers, how real and beautiful they look! And indeed, preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a chemical process to retain the integrity and beauty of the fresh cut flowers without a need for water (For those curious about what are preserved flowers, read here!). Preserved flowers can last up to a year. Its colour may fade over time; however, it will not wilt.

Although preserved flowers needn’t to be attended as carefully as fresh flowers, they still require some care to last longer.

  • Do not place them in water. They are treated plants and are not alive.
  • Avoid placing them in high temperatures or direct sunlight. Preserved flowers are re-colourised. Exposure to direct sunlight may result in colour loss.
  • Keep them out of humid environments (Yes, a toughie in Singapore). Humidity can cause dried flowers to turn limp & encourage the growth of mold. Thus keep them in a dry and airy atmosphere. Placing a dehumidifier near the flowers will help in regulating the humidity of the environment. Excess of humidity and heat decreases the lifespan of any natural flower. Since preserved roses has organic elements, avoid exposing them to environments that accelerate their degradation. 
  • Preserved flowers are delicate and should not be frequently touched or placed outside. In the event of dust on the petals, use a cool air blower to gently blow away the dust.

Follow these tips and you can let your dried & preserved flowers last longer!

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