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How to Dry Flowers?


You can keep your favourite blooms for as long as you want to keep them when flowers are dried.

Drying by microwave

Firstly, flowers can be dried by microwaving them. Place the flowers, one at a time into a container that is safe for microwaving. Next, cover them completely with silica gel to absorb the moisture. Microwave it on high temperature for about 3 minutes. Once it is cooled, check the flower. Once its petals appear dry, re-bury it and leave for 24 hours. This step is to ensure that the flower is completely dry. Finally, brush off the silica gel with a brush.

Air drying flowers

To begin, remove extra foliage from flower stems. For those who likes the look of the foliage, it is alright to leave some on the stem as they will dry too. Next, bunch the flowers as desired and tie strings around the base of the stems. Hang them upside down in a dark and well-ventilated environment. Any direct light will cause the colours of the flowers to fade. Leave them for three to four weeks to dry. Thereafter, you can display them!

Drying flowers in silica sand

To ensure that your flowers are preserved in pristine colour, you can leave the flowers to dry in the silica sand without microwaving them. You will be able to use a larger container that allow you to keep the stems long. Place the flowers in the container and cover them with silica sand. As you pour the sand, use a slim tool like a stick to carefully support the flower. When the flowers are dry after 2 weeks, tip the box to allow the sand to slowly pour out of one corner. Next, lift the flower in the same direction as the flowing sand to avoid damaging the flower. Finally, brush off the silica sand with a brush.


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